The decision was made shortly after the last post that I am in fact moving to Godot From Unreal. During this week the goal was to make broad initial steps in order to see where things may or may not have to change. Aaaaany way, porting UE to Godot and focusing on the first map with the overall story and various mechanics in mind.

Version Control

The intention was always there but alas procrastination got the better of me and I corrupted my first Godot project lol. So I stopped everything else and got a private repo set up immediately. Smooth sailing ever since.

Base Terrain
Brought in a terrain I made in Gaea. It's not the final terrain mesh but serves its purpose for this phase.

1st Person Camera Setup
This is a 1st/3rd person project. I was initially going to start with 3rd person but then decided there were too many things to work out for this first week so I moved the camera into 1st person position.

There is a lot more but i'd rather be working on the game than writing about it so here are some pics for now.

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